Jeff Pearlman, Shut the Fuck Up

Jeff Pearlman,

I love you. If you ever read this, never doubt that.

But I had to delete you off Facebook. Crying about Donald Trump with every post, or every other post, got on my ever loving nerves, my friend. You used to not be so political, but that changed. I suppose it’s because it’s a presidential election year, but still. You are a southern California liberal that fits the definition to the core. I don’t have any political party affiliations, but socially I do lean liberal. I’m just fucking sick of seeing you shit on Trump while not dishing any turds towards Hillary Clinton.

It all came to a head this morning. I was listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s beautiful cover of “The Things I Used to Do” and saw your bullshit pop up on my feed. No more.

“I don’t give a fuck if you delete me. Who are you?” is an appropriate response. I’m nobody. Just felt like bitching today while I listen to some of the best blues ever crafted.

“Showtime” is one of my all-time favorite books. I read it right after reading Mike Tyson’s “Undisputed”.

“Boys Will Be Boys” is among my favorites, too.

I can’t wait for your future books. Your writing is fantastic.

But for fuck’s sake, Jeff, you couldn’t be any more left. Versatility is underrated. I feel this way towards far right folks, too.


A guy that enjoys your writing

Having Racial Pride is Stupid and Pointless

What is the point?

Being proud of ‘your history‘ is pretty weak.

Who CARES what your great, great, great grandpa did or didn’t do? It’s irrelevant. Where your ancestors came from means very little. What YOU do… now, that impresses others.

I don’t understand racial pride — or national pride, for that matter.

What sort of idiot is proud over an accident of birth?

Cain Velasquez is a quality mixed martial artist, but his “brown pride” tattoo is silly. If you don’t believe it to be silly, then let me ask you, would you think “white pride” is fine, too? I think both are silly. Why have pride in something you didn’t personally accomplish? It’s pointless.

Also, expecting respect because of your ancestry is as wrong and childish as making judgements about people because of the color of their skin, or the country their great grandpappy came from.


Bodybuilding is Not a Real Sport

I like lifting weights. Whenever I’m stressed out or anxiously needing to expend energy, it’s a good way to abate those two things.

Bodybuilders work their asses off. Most guys spend twenty or more years just to arrive at their prime in their 30s. They commit their lives to it.

But it’s not a sport.

It’s a hobby. An activity.

Professional bodybuilding is more corrupt than just about anything out there. I’m not even referring to the rampant anabolic steroid prevalence. That means nothing. Everybody in the fitness world of bodybuilding are on steroids. A lot of those guys will pretend to be natural (“fake natty”) and push supplements on the side with the adage, “You can get as big as me if you take this!”.

I say it’s corrupt because it coincides with worthless supplements that do little to absolutely nothing for your body, yet they are ones that many consumers are shelling out a shithorde of money for. You don’t really need a preworkout — put on your big boy pants and drink a big mug of black coffee; at least caffeine has been shown in peer reviewed scientific journals/articles to have physiological benefits. Creatine is beneficial to some people, but there are nonresponders, too.

If you are into bodybuilding, then great, but don’t tell me it’s a sport.

If you are a roided up bodybuilder, obviously you’ve worked your ass off for years. That’s undoubtable. A random guy could take anabolic steroids, but without spending his time consuming enough calories with the right macronutrients, getting enough sleep and working out efficiently with proper form, then he’s wasting his time.

But the industry is a sham. The fitness industry is a joke. I believe in eating well and staying physically fit, but between ‘fake natties’ pushing worthless supplements and liars being rife throughout the community, it’s just a caricature of what it could have been. It’s a circus.

For the record, you might be wondering why I keep referring to it as a non-sport. It’s a hobby/activity. Not a sport. I define a sport as competition between two or more people that can directly impact each other’s performance as in to hinder or help. Thus, I don’t consider bodybuilding a sport in the same way I don’t consider golf a sport. Golf is a hobby/skill. In either sport, you cannot hinder or prevent your opponent from winning like you can in football, soccer, basketball, baseball, MMA, boxing, tennis, rugby, etc.

It’s a hobby.

It’s a hobby.

It’s a hobby.

It’s a fucking hobby engulfed in a multi-billion dollar industry with worthless supplements being pushed out.

Pieces of shit like Layne Norton, Marc Lobliner, Vince Del Monte and other wannabes have tarnished the whole damn shebang.

If you do bodybuilding competitions, fantastic. You’ve worked your ass off for years and deserve to win, but a bodybuilding competition is like a beauty pageant for men. It’s not a sport. It’s not a goddamn sport. It’s a hobby. An activity. We all have our own hobbies.

Jason Blaha gets on my fucking nerves with some of his videos on YouTube, but I do appreciate how he calls out the charlatans in the bodybuilding community.

All the supplements out there are virtually worthless, except:

1.) Whey protein
2.) Vitamin D3
3.) Vitamin K2 (unless you are consuming grass-fed butter or natto on a regular basis.)
4.) Omega-3 fish oil
5.) Chelated magnesium
6.) Vitamin C (natural antihistamine)

Unless you are deficient in a vitamin/mineral and for whatever reason can’t take it dietarily by way of a food source, most other vitamins/minerals are a waste of money.

Creatine? Some people react to it and experience muscle saturation and a workout boost, and some people are complete nonresponders.

But the health, fitness and supplement industry is a complete bullshit scam.

Don’t fall into the trap.

Stay up.

Advanced Math is an Unequivocal Waste of Energy to Learn

Unless you are going to be a teacher or involved in a field that will utilize higher levels of math (i.e engineering and whatever else applicable and relevant), learning advanced math is an utterly, unequivocal waste of time.

I’m turning 25-years-old this year and I just returned to college in 2014. Before 2015, I hadn’t taken a math class in about a decade. The teachers I had in high school were rather poor quality instructors.

I want to be a physical therapist. Outside of basic math involving addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, some algebra and a very, very basic knowledge of physics, why should learning any other form of math be necessary?

Please let me know. I’m waiting.

“It’s to increase your critical thinking ability?”

Uh… huh?

All math is, is the process of following instructions. It’s nothing more than being able to bend over the bed and take it. If you can remember how to follow instructions on how to complete a math problem, you’ve won.

Critical thinking my ass!

Wanna know something that is actually conducive to improving your critical thinking skills?

How about a debate and/or a creative writing class? That sounds lovely. You get to exercise your mind. Critical thinking is everywhere in those two facets.

It seems oh so pointless to me that I have to take a regular math class (by ‘regular’, I have no fucking idea at the moment, as I will subsequently find out in the fall, I suppose), pre-calculus and then calculus. What is the point of yours truly learning calculus? I will never use it in my entire life. Never, ever.

I could be taking anatomy classes, something that is actually conducive to the career path I’d like to go into.

But no.

For the time being, I’ll be wasting hours upon hours of my life learning a math I’ll forget within months of completing.

What a waste of time.