Preworkout Powders are Overrated; Caffeine is the Best PWO

I have a bottle of Mr. Hyde that’s been sitting on my bookshelf since May 2015. I’ve used a few scoops, and eventually I’ll finish the little tub, but fuck, I wish I didn’t spend a dime on it.

Don’t get me wrong ~ Mr. Hyde is a potent, little¬†thang. It’s a strong ‘preworkout’ (made by ProSupps), but… the best preworkout in the world is caffeine alone. There’s too much shit in preworkouts that have the potential to cause side effects, cause you to crash or feel like shit overall when you use ’em. Unless you are a bodybuilder, what’s the point of chasing an almighty pump from a $40+ preworkout powder?

Consume caffeine (and creatine, if you’d like; they are the two most well studied ‘supplements’ in the world) and save money!

All those herbs with names you can’t pronounce are unlikely to do shit, and besides that, they don’t have much science at all backing ’em.

Besides, the supplement industry is largely a scam. There’s only a few worthwhile things to take. The rest is a bunch of bologna.

The Poor Man’s Caffeine Fix: ProLab Caffeine Tablets

First and foremost: I’m not affiliated with ProLab Nutrition in any way, shape or form. With that said, I’m a believer in hyping up products I believe in and trust.

prolab caffeine prolab caffeine back

I buy ProLab caffeine tablets from the Vitamin Shoppe website from time to time. I always keep a fresh stock. At $5.89 per 100-count bottle, it’s a sexy ass bang for your buck. Each tablet contains 200mg of caffeine. No flash, no frills. It gets the job done. Point, blank, botom line. No horseshit added. No calories. Just pure caffeine.

Here’s the kicker: I’d much prefer drinking a VPX Bang energy drink or a SPIKE energy drink (from Biotest), but the bottom line is, energy drinks can be expensive as all get out. I have a leftover stock of Bang and SPIKE in a cooler, but I only consume sparingly, because I’m too broke to drink them consistently.

I’ve been arduously trying to cut down on my expenses recently. Over the last month and a half I’ve pretty much been living off of 1.) eggs, 2.) butter (real butter, motherfuckers), 3.) coconut oil, 4.) onions, 5.) spinach, 6.) bananas, 7.) potatoes, occasionally some coconut oil and sometimes avocados (when the local old country store has ’em for sell for 66 cents a piece). I look out for sales on cheap cuts of steak from time to time that are on sale.

Earlier this year, I pimped out Death Wish Coffee. It’s great stuff, but it’s overpriced if you are just wanting a caffeine-related jolt. $20 bucks for one pound of coffee is pretty outrageous, despite the fact that their company rocks and the customer service is kickass. If you can afford it, more power to you, but if you are trying to cut back on expenses, fuck it, pick up the ProLab caffeine tablets.

“But bro… you are not getting the same benefits from the caffeine tablets as you do from coffee! The antioxidants, mane!”

Well… the antioxidants that do exist, I feel, are highly overestimated and over-heralded. The driving force behind coffee is the caffeine, simply put.

“But you like wasting money on energy drinks from time to time?”

VPX Bang and Biotest’s SPIKE energy both offer pretty cool shit. Bang features CoQ10, amino acids, 0 calories and 300mg of caffeine. Spike, in the 8.4 ounce “Shooters” (my favorite) features 300mg of caffeine, 0 calories, L-Tyrosine, a shithorde of vitamin B12 in its most active form (methylcobalamin) and a potent stimulant in yohimbine HCl that promotes fat burn when taken on an empty stomach (due to fucking around with alpha-2-receptors)…

“All those ingredients are bullshit!”

How so? They are not going to change your life, but they add a little bit of oomph.

Anyway, I love caffeine from caffeine pills, to coffee, to energy drinks.

My biggest annoyance with coffee, on a personal level, is in the inefficiency of it all, as a consumer. I want to get up in the morning and usually consume caffeine ASAP (out of habit). Making coffee is time consuming. After making a goddamn cup (or pot), you have to wait for it to cool down enough to enjoy. For time related purposes, I like ProLab’s caffeine tablets. However, if I actually had the time, I’d consume more coffee (if available).

This whole diatribe is/was a fucking mess. I haven’t ate since yesterday at around 7 (intermittent fasting). I just wanted to pimp out ProLab’s caffeine tablets. They are excellent, and they are the best bang for your buck when you want some heavenly caffeine.

Jason Blaha Trash Talking Bodybuilders Who Whine About Their “Struggles”

I’ve been critical of “bodybuilders”¬†in the past.

I enjoy lifting weights, albeit I prefer bodyweight workouts.

Jason Blaha knows what’s up. I used to talk to him here and there on the forums, particularly the “Nutrition” subforum 5-6 years ago. He was always a really down to earth dude back then. About three or so years ago, he started making YouTube videos, and now he’s fairly popular (as far as I know; I don’t keep up with the community) in the fitness community, but he also gets a lot of hate, particularly because he calls the fitness industry out on its bullshit and he’s exposed molecular structured frauds like Marc Lobliner and Jerry Ward and whoever else.

I don’t agree with all of Blaha’s content. He’s too obsessed with guns and seems to flip flop on his opinions a lot. Before recently, last I heard he was a goddamn vegan in the UK, and now he’s back in the states tearing down meat again.

Anyhow, he hit the nail on the head in a recent video about bodybuilders and other fitness folks who bitch and complain about “struggles” all the time. Good shit.

Bodybuilding is Not a Real Sport

I like lifting weights. Whenever I’m stressed out or anxiously needing to expend energy, it’s a good way to abate those two things.

Bodybuilders work their asses off. Most guys spend twenty or more years just to arrive at their prime in their 30s. They commit their lives to it.

But it’s not a sport.

It’s a hobby. An activity.

Professional bodybuilding is more corrupt than just about anything out there. I’m not even referring to the rampant anabolic steroid prevalence. That means nothing. Everybody in the fitness world of bodybuilding are on steroids. A lot of those guys will pretend to be natural (“fake natty”) and push supplements on the side with the adage, “You can get as big as me if you take this!”.

I say it’s corrupt because it coincides with worthless supplements that do little to absolutely nothing for your body, yet they are ones that many consumers are shelling out a shithorde of money for. You don’t really need a preworkout — put on your big boy pants and drink a big mug of black coffee; at least caffeine has been shown in peer reviewed scientific journals/articles to have physiological benefits. Creatine is beneficial to some people, but there are nonresponders, too.

If you are into bodybuilding, then great, but don’t tell me it’s a sport.

If you are a roided up bodybuilder, obviously you’ve worked your ass off for years. That’s undoubtable. A random guy could take anabolic steroids, but without spending his time consuming enough calories with the right macronutrients, getting enough sleep and working out efficiently with proper form, then he’s wasting his time.

But the industry is a sham. The fitness industry is a joke. I believe in eating well and staying physically fit, but between ‘fake natties’ pushing worthless supplements and liars being rife throughout the community, it’s just a caricature of what it could have been. It’s a circus.

For the record, you might be wondering why I keep referring to it as a non-sport. It’s a hobby/activity. Not a sport. I define a sport as competition between two or more people that can directly impact each other’s performance as in to hinder or help. Thus, I don’t consider bodybuilding a sport in the same way I don’t consider golf a sport. Golf is a hobby/skill. In either sport, you cannot hinder or prevent your opponent from winning like you can in football, soccer, basketball, baseball, MMA, boxing, tennis, rugby, etc.

It’s a hobby.

It’s a hobby.

It’s a hobby.

It’s a fucking hobby engulfed in a multi-billion dollar industry with worthless supplements being pushed out.

Pieces of shit like Layne Norton, Marc Lobliner, Vince Del Monte and other wannabes have tarnished the whole damn shebang.

If you do bodybuilding competitions, fantastic. You’ve worked your ass off for years and deserve to win, but a bodybuilding competition is like a beauty pageant for men. It’s not a sport. It’s not a goddamn sport. It’s a hobby. An activity. We all have our own hobbies.

Jason Blaha gets on my fucking nerves with some of his videos on YouTube, but I do appreciate how he calls out the charlatans in the bodybuilding community.

All the supplements out there are virtually worthless, except:

1.) Whey protein
2.) Vitamin D3
3.) Vitamin K2 (unless you are consuming grass-fed butter or natto on a regular basis.)
4.) Omega-3 fish oil
5.) Chelated magnesium
6.) Vitamin C (natural antihistamine)

Unless you are deficient in a vitamin/mineral and for whatever reason can’t take it dietarily by way of a food source, most other vitamins/minerals are a waste of money.

Creatine? Some people react to it and experience muscle saturation and a workout boost, and some people are complete nonresponders.

But the health, fitness and supplement industry is a complete bullshit scam.

Don’t fall into the trap.

Stay up.