Jason Blaha Trash Talking Bodybuilders Who Whine About Their “Struggles”

I’ve been critical of “bodybuilders”┬áin the past.

I enjoy lifting weights, albeit I prefer bodyweight workouts.

Jason Blaha knows what’s up. I used to talk to him here and there on the bodybuilding.com forums, particularly the “Nutrition” subforum 5-6 years ago. He was always a really down to earth dude back then. About three or so years ago, he started making YouTube videos, and now he’s fairly popular (as far as I know; I don’t keep up with the community) in the fitness community, but he also gets a lot of hate, particularly because he calls the fitness industry out on its bullshit and he’s exposed molecular structured frauds like Marc Lobliner and Jerry Ward and whoever else.

I don’t agree with all of Blaha’s content. He’s too obsessed with guns and seems to flip flop on his opinions a lot. Before recently, last I heard he was a goddamn vegan in the UK, and now he’s back in the states tearing down meat again.

Anyhow, he hit the nail on the head in a recent video about bodybuilders and other fitness folks who bitch and complain about “struggles” all the time. Good shit.