Sometimes You Have to Give Up Short-Term Pleasure for Long-Term Success

And long-term happiness (I didn’t want to turn the post into title gore).

I cancelled my EA Sports UFC 2 preorder for the Xbox One. The game is releasing in ten days. I was (still am) excited for it, being a huge MMA fan. I’m not a big gamer, and I don’t play much, but I haven’t truly enjoyed a UFC game since THQ’s UFC Undisputed 3 in 2012. EA Sports’ first UFC game in 2014 was pretty good but was flawed from top to bottom, and the offline portion of the game was barebones. The career mode was bland and the online tired me out. The second game looks like it’s pretty deep and offers a lot of options.

But I had to cancel it.

I’m in the middle of a grueling college semester right now.

The fall semester of last year offered up my first ever taste of chemistry. I made a B after studying my ass off and trying my best.

I’m taking the second part of chemistry, CHEM112, this semester. I took the first test almost two weeks ago and I made a 48. I’d studied for five days straight before the test. It had to do with gas laws and molarity/solute mixtures. Something that is easy for others was a painful process for yours truly to learn. I guess I couldn’t remember all the gas laws, and that was my downfall. I felt terrible about failing, but my disappointment and pain was assuaged when I heard of all the fellow students around me talk about their piss poor grades.

I need to get better. There are only two more tests this semester. I must focus. I can’t lost focus. So I cancelled my preorder for EA Sports UFC 2. Like I said, I hardly game these days. Other people might say, “Dude, you could’ve still bought it and made time to play it”, and that’s true, but here’s the kicker: I’m an all-or-nothing kind of guy. My multitasking skills are atrocious. When I decide to do something, I’m either all-in or not! What’s the point of buying a $60 game when I won’t be able to properly enjoy it or play it?

I hate procrastinating with a passion. If I know I have something to do, it eats away at me. There’s no way I’d be able to play that game in the middle of the semester while knowing I should be studying, working on assignment or being active or something. This is why I believe one day, probably soon, I’ll be giving up video games forever (at least until I have kids or if my girlfriend wants to play sometimes), because my “hey, let’s do this work, fucker!” conscience kicks in all too often.

I guess this is a good thing.

Do I want to play the game? You bet your ass. I’d love to pick it up on its release date and play it for hours!

But I can’t. I need to pass. I told myself when I returned to college in 2014 that I’d get my shit together and avenge my poor showing in 2009.

I can’t stop now. The show must go on.

You can apply the above to all walks of life.

Discipline is a very underrated thing, everybody. We all have temptations. To be crude and straightforward, every day at the college I see smokin’ hot babes who I’d love to bend over and rail six ways to Sunday, but I simply enjoy the view rather than ever doing anything, because 1.) I’m not a cheater, 2.) living a life with a clear conscience is way easier and relaxing than one full of chaos and guilt, and 3.) I love my girlfriend, and no piece of ass is worth losing her.

(If you are offended by the terminology above, get over your politically correct self and try to see the actual message.)

I have a post on motivation coming soon. Mostly about a deficiency at times. Questioning myself.

Have a wonderful day today. Don’t waste it. If you start something that you need to be doing, at least for five minutes, you are more likely to continue that task! Don’t stop!

People Love to See Others Fail

At least the majority of people seem to do.

Why do people always bring up Donald Trump’s failures?

I’m neutral in regards to the upcoming election. I don’t like any of the candidates, to be honest. I likely won’t even vote, because voting for the lesser evil is still choosing evil.

Trump is a polarizing figure, and on the side of the detractors, everybody wants to bring up his failures, his bankruptcy. Why? Of course he’s failed. Anybody who goes out of their way to accomplish something will fail, and they’ll probably fail more than they succeed, but at least they are going out there and taking risks. Trump has taken millions to billions.

I don’t understand people. What’s with this line of thinking to bring someone down all the time by mentioning their failures? What have you done? Let’s see the skeletons in your closet. I reckon that’s called throwing a stone from a glass house.